Something old - something new !

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    A couple of years ago I converted a Kustom 3x12 cabinet to a 2x12 + 2x10 cabinet. It sounded so good that I wanted a matched set. Late last year I found an original 2x12 + 2x10 cabinet in Tennessee - very near where my brother lives. he snagged it for me, and I finally got it from him a couple of months ago. I had laid out the speaker baffle on my original conversion a bit differently than the factory, so I had to fabricate a new speaker baffle to match. I removed the speaker divider, plugged the rear panel oval ports, and recovered the back panel with black naugahyde. Eminence Delta 8 ohm speakers were used, and the 12's and 10's are wired separately. Each cab is 2 ohms. This completes the "old" of the story. The "new" part is my new Carvin BX1500 dual monoblock amplifier. This beast will put out 750 watts RMS per side into 2 ohms, and 450 watts per side into 4 ohms. I finished the cabinet on Thursday, and hooked it all up yesterday. With the amps set at "5", the drive set at "4", and the master volume set at "1", I was vibrating items from the shelves in my garage - WOW ! Clean, tight sound, and volume and headroom off of the charts ! I have found the ultimate rig (for me) - old school look, with modern electronics. With this set-up, I can control the 10's and 12's separately.Here are some pics !

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    100% cool! I love it. :bassist:
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    I would love to stand in front of that and use my B string like a bow and arrow. BOYOYOYOYOYOYOYING! Sweet rig!