Song Choices Too Obscure For Cover Band?

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  1. I have a new project going with some guys who are all really talented. We decided right off the bat that we didn't want to do the same old bar band stuff that every other cover band in the area is doing. So we started picking songs and artists that are not as well known. We have about a dozen songs so far but I am getting a bit worried that most of our material may to be too unfamiliar to our audience.
    What do you all think of these song choices? Should we add in some songs that are more familiar to the audience or not worry about it.

    I Don't Wanna Be.. Gavin DeGraw

    Hide and Seek JJ Grey and Mofro

    Heavy Hammer Delta Saints

    Livin’ In A Dream Archangels

    Carolina Blues Blues Traveler

    Love Hurts Incubus

    Mountain Climbing Joe Bonomassa

    Shine Robert Plant and Strange Sensation

    Black Dog Robert Plant and Strange Sensation

    Hey No Pressure Ray LaMontagne

    High Road Easy Sass Jordan

    Here are a recordings of a few of these songs from our last rehearsal. These are rough recordings done with a Zoom recorder and no mixing. This was the first time doing a couple of these so they are a bit rough but you get the general idea.

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    Well, as long as your intention is to jam in the basement and not gig no prob :). About 95% of newly forming bands play mostly "deep cuts" and/or originals. About 5% of newly formed bands get paying gigs ;)
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    May 12, 2009
    Life is short. Play what you want, but don't expect gigs to come easily. I personally love the variety you guys are playing, but I am probably an outlier.
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    If your goal is to play out, you need to play popular music. If your goal is to play music you like, don't be surprised if you can't find gigs.

    Nothing wrong with either approach.
  5. buldog5151bass

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    Strange mix. Some (Black Dog, I Don't Wanna Know) are fine.

    But as others have said, if you want to gig much, there is a REASON "everybody plays those songs". You are performing for the audience.