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SOng structure for You Don't love me by Junior Wells

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by pmatz2, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. I'm working on transcribing this song and am getting a little lost in the form of the song

    Is this the correct structure for the song

    Starting where the vocals begin

    4 bars of D
    5 bars of A
    4 bars of D
    5 bars of A
    2 bars E ,2 bars D
    5 bars A

    Does this sound correct?

    Thanks Paul
  2. No, purely because, doing the maths, you get a 27 bar blues & that's unlikely (but not impossible).

    I get a 24 bar cycle:

    A=4 (Lick inc turnaround)
    A=4 (Lick inc turnaround)
    D=2 (but slam the gates on the 1)
    A=4 (Lick inc turnaround)

    I've worked from two different versions to yours, namely the Bluesbreakers' cut from 'A Hard Road' (in Bb) and Gary Moore's take on it (in A), but the structure's the same.

    This is one of those tunes where the 1 isn't where you expect it to be & it throws you off. It actually lives on the first A of the main lick - 4 notes in from the start. Bobby Timmons' 'Moanin' does something similar:

  3. Thanks for the response. I listened to the Gary Moore version and it still sounds "funny" . I'll need listen to it again with headphones. I stopped by my local library and they had an Allman brothers book with this song in it. I scanned a copy of the verse and just need to sit down with the song and music and give it a good listen.
  4. Finally finished transcribing the first verse. I come up with 27 bars for this version.
  5. I like all versions mentioned but the Allmans are my all time favorite from At The Fillmore East.

    You want confusion in transcibing blues, tackle some John Lee Hooker. Worked for him obviously but unique.