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    Here's my question on song structure.

    I started playing bass about 3 years ago, but never really went anywhere with it. Started getting back into bass again and trying to join a band to keep me focused. (I really love playing bass, more of a time issue.) I took a couple lessons, and know some basics about chords, key signatures, root notes, ect.

    I've played with a group that plays old country music, very basic stuff on bass. I have a setlist of about 40 songs to learn. Now the bandleader is telling me that old country music is set to a certain patern, and there are little exceptions. Here is what he is saying, but I can't see it myself. I would like to know if anyone else can see what he is saying....

    The songs are structured depending on what key they are in. For example, is a song is in the key of C, then 3 chords are played during the song. The i, iv, and v cholds. In C they would be C, F, and G. He is saying that a verse will use the iv and v chords, and the chorus will use the i and v chords.

    So far I have learned a couple songs and I see the i,iv, v paterns, but nothing relating to chorus and verses.

    Would sure make a helpful way to learn 40 songs....

    Here are a couple of the songs if anyone can help.

    Folsom Prison Blues, Cash
    Gambler by K Rogers
    Country Roads by John Denver
    Whiskey bent and Hell Bound by H. Williams Jr.

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    to learn songs, the best way I found is to count out the beats. in 4/4 time, 4 notes per bar.

    so, I count out 4 bars at a time....counting out each bar one at a time.

    Never more than 4 bars per staff line.

    i am learning/charting classic rock , so I can get in a cover band.


    Intro--- 2 or 4 bars

    verse--- 4 bars

    chorus---2 bars

    repeat above...

    break-- 2 bars

    solo--- 2 or 4 bars

    verse--4 bars

    chorus/outro ---- 2 or 4 (double chorus) bars out....

    what the band leader is saying, is that you will see patterns start to develop

    when I chart out songs, I count the beats, and mark down the bars

    then, I go back and figure out the bass parts for those parts...

    RE: intro part/verse part/chorus part/ break part/ solo part/ outro part

    I have about 20 -30 songs charted, and there are certain patterns that emerge

    you must must must---

    write the bars out in a music book/staff paper

    this has helped me a lot, and I got mos tof those suggestions right here on TB

    any questions, PM me...I'll try to help