Songs for sound of smooth tube amps

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  1. (Mr. Moderator, I thought of putting this in Recordings, but thought it's more about the sound of an amp than the recordings themselves, and seemed to fit better here).

    Wanted to hear what everyone's list is of some of the great, well-known songs that scream "tube bass amp", so that others can know what it is that we're all crazy for. I think all the adjectives ever used just don't do it justice. Keep in mind I'm not looking for screaming tube distortion, just the sound of the amp used within it's usual parameters.

    I realize the list could be lengthy, but keep in mind that people are more apt to actually check out the songs if we keep the list short(er).

    I'll go first....

    - Old Man, by Neil Young
    - One of These Nights, the Eagles
  2. Tapp


    Aug 29, 2001
    USA, Mississippi
    For SVT grind, check out Rush's Counterparts CD

    For old school Ampeg B-15; anything James Jamerson and Motown "My Girl" comes to mind or "Duck" Dunn stuff from Booker T to The Blues Brothers.