Songs of Experience (David Axelrod, 1969)

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  1. Oh my goodness!
    What an A MA ZING album (even more so than the other 'Songs of Innocence' album) that really *grooves*, that intertwines jazz and pop and yes, it is awfully well crafted and sounds very part due to Carol Kaye's playing. :bassist:

    Hoe have i discovered this album ?
    Through discovering Endtroducing by DJ Shadow back in 1996-97, no less.
    And yup, it is through DJ Shadow that i discovered Pekka Pohjola's talents as a bassist and composer (esp. B The Magpie!)
    Now, i gotta find these albums on LP !! :laugh:
  2. "Earth Rot" completes the loose trilogy of recordings. I was introduced to David Axelrod's production several years ago through a compilation CD "The Edge" and then went on a search for more of his work under his own name and with other artists. I was already familiar with him as a fan of Canonball Adderley but hos 'solo' work was a revelation mixing contemporary studio rhythm sections with modern orchestral and choral concepts was very interesting. "Live at the Royal Festival" is well worth having as AX directs and also introduces the pieces and it is an excellent live performance and the bassist is quite good.
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