Songs of the Pandemic - Songwriting Contest

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  1. Hey all, I have an idea. I was messing around in my little garage studio and thought it might be cool to have a songwriting contest.

    Concept: Let's all write and record songs on a theme, kind of like the build-offs in the Luthier's Corner. We can invite some guest judges or do a poll to determine which ones are the best and put together an album, if enough people participate with quality entries.

    Theme: Coronavirus / Pandemic

    This is a global issue that has affected more or less the entire planet, so I think it's a good and relevant topic to use as our first theme. You may choose to focus on a certain aspect - fear, hope, loneliness, togetherness, whatever - but try to keep it relevant.

    Songwriting Rules:

    1. Songs must be completely new pieces, 2:00 to 5:00 in length. Don't submit a song you wrote last year. Honor system counts here. You can of course use ideas you've had bouncing around for the last 20 years, but the song itself must be new. That includes songs you've written since the pandemic began, as long as it's in keeping with the theme.

    2. Songs must be your own work. Samples used in songs are permitted in accordance with copyright laws, but I gotta warn you, that can get murky really quick. No cover songs or reinterpretations of other artists' work.

    Additionally, you must play the bass if there is a bass guitar track - it IS TalkBass, after all. :bassist: Again, honor system. You must credit other musicians if they are present on the recording, whether they are on TB or not.

    3. Songs can be any format, any genre. This means solo instrumental, full band, electronic, or even vuvuzela if it speaks to you. Acoustic folk or technical death metal, whatever.

    4. Once submitted, no changes will be allowed. This may lead to a flurry of last-minute submissions, but better that than trying to keep track of multiple versions.

    5. One song per person.

    Later contests (if this one is successful) may limit the options, but for the first time I want to encourage as much participation as possible.

    How To Submit An Entry:

    Upload your finished song to YouTube, Soundcloud, or some other publicly accessible media site. Use the "Media" button at the top of the dialogue box and link your song to a reply in this thread. In the same post, tell us about your song. We want to know your thoughts on it, but also would love to know the more practical stuff, such as your recording setup, and of course other musicians if they contributed.

    I will work with mods to keep a running list on post #2 of entries, linking to your post, whether it's post 3 or 300.


    Songs must be submitted in a separate reply on this thread no later than 11:59 PM EST on Friday, 10 July 2020. That gives everyone 4 whole weeks. I'll post a reply at midnight stating that the thread is closed to new submissions.

    General Thread Rules:

    Constructive criticism is welcome, and should be accepted by songwriters.
    Please don't share any outside media content on this thread unless it's a submission. This just makes it easier to keep track of entries.

    So what do you say, TB? Any takers?
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  2. This post reserved for entries.
  3. Well, I‘ve posted my song I wrote during lockdown already two weeks ago in another talkbass forum.
    But I hope it‘s okay that I submit it here again. ;-)

    I had the lyrics in mind when I experienced the solidarity of neighbours with older people and others who needed help because they couldn‘t leave their homes. Since it‘s about solidarity it‘s also a song for humanity and against racism and hate. I hope you like it.
    I used no samples except the garage band drummer and no other instruments but a bass and some effect pedals. Friends of mine joined with background singing, bad luck most of their replies had a poor audio quality since the recorded it with their cell phones or laptops. That‘s why I plan to record the whole thing again with good mics and maybe with a choir, too.

    Cheers Jan

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