Songs that just don’t need to be covered...

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    Not songs you hate, and don’t ever want to hear in a bar(or wherever); that will just turn this thread into the usual topic drift hate cesspool. I’m talking about tunes that, for whatever the reason, in their original recorded state, in that moment, were just perfect, and any attempt by any run of the mill band to cover them, would be a fool’s errand. You know, just don’t go there, you’re never going to improve, let alone equal, that moment. So many bands choose tunes hoping the coolness of the song will rub off on them, but the very essence of the recording, whether it was the planetary alignment, the electrical current going to the studio, what was in the water, whatever, cannot be duplicated. Have some respect, and leave it alone. Also, there’s the aspect of some covers that are just out of context, or the song just might not be relevant(any more).
    My initial nomination is Link Wray’s “Rumble”, a title I’ve heard countless bands try to tackle, but there’s a feral cruidity and meanace that makes it a perfect rock and roll record, and as simple as it is, a moment that just can’t be matched; any attempts just fall short. It was(to my knowledge)the only instrumental to be banned for causing fights(the title a self-fulfilling prophesy). Elements of it filtered into songs like “Shakin’ All Over” and “Back In Black”, inspired Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page, and was essentially the birth of the power chord. But sorry, Mac, you just ain’t gonna do it justice, it’s perfect the was it is, and will always be...

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    None. If its impact relies on a specific arrangement and/or performance the song isn't strong enough to matter.
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    I somewhat agree with JTE that a really well written song usually sounds good when anybody plays/sings it because it's a really well written tune.
    And I really enjoy listening to covers of songs I like...but this one ends up being a tall order, I think.

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    Link Wray actually had two banned instrumentals - "Rumble" in the US and "Jack the Ripper" in the UK. One of my bands does the latter :) .

    "Runble" is a 23 bar blues in 2/4 time - one you've figured that out it isn't hard.
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    Not terribly difficult to nail as long as you can crank up the reverb on the vocal. Actually tried if last night with our male vocalist in the original key - not a fan :wideyed: :roflmao:.
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    Just a track that exemplifies what's wrong in sloppy covers. I have no particular attraction to the Kinks "You Really Got Me". It should be left to its dusty shelf, even though a close listen reveals a pretty careful engineering for the early 60s. Then you have a group like Van Halen that invites every garage band to sludge it out.
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    This wasn’t your band, then?:D

    There’s a Cat Power album you might check out.
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    You’re missing the has nothing to do with any relative ease of playing, it’s a matter of aesthetics; I’ve listened to countless bands bludgeon the tune, not retaining any of the nasty rawness(derived from a tiny, underpowered amp, not a cranked half-stack). They tend to overplay it, overcompensating their would-be badassery. “You Really Got Me” was mentioned above; yeah, that’s another one that should be left alone. Van Halen ruined it with the flash solo and over-production, it was almost a parody. The Kinks version was rough, urgent, lust-filled, Dave’s utterly inept teenage guitar solo conveyed far more hormonal frustration than Eddie’s ‘hey, look at me’ twiddling.
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    Clapton should have never covered Layla with the "unplugged" version :atoz:
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    Oct 18, 2015
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    That God-forsaken Wagon Wheel song.
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    Cool, thought I was the only one left preaching on Link Wray. Preach on, brother. Any song added above or below was influenced in some way by Wray anyway. His bottom end, Ed Cynar deserves more props on TB.
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  16. I thought I was having a stroke for a moment, that is, bonafide god-awful.
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    Well, that takes the premise in an entirely different direction; after all, it is his song, and for that context, acoustic/unplugged, he reimagined the tune to fit the occasion, more of a folk/blues style. I thought it was pleasant, but it still didn’t do much for me as I had lost all interest in him after the Derek album.
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    May 18, 2020
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    True, it is his song. That being said, he absolutely ruined the feel of the original when he “unplugged” it. JMHO...
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  20. Bob Dylan's version of " Knockin on heavens door" is transcendent. Beautiful,
    A masterpiece.
    Every single solitary cover version of it, whether by drunkin bar bands or mega stars, up to and ESPECIALLY the god forsaken Guns and Rose's horror movie butcher fest, is a travesty.
    To every band everywhere.... PLEASE STOP COVERING THIS SONG!!! :woot: