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Songs that make you say @#$& yeah!

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by zachoff, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Every time you hear them you have to air guitar or air bass or air drum or whatever... Songs that every time you hear them you have to react in one way or another.

    Listening to one right now... The Damned - New Rose. They have another one... Neat, Neat, Neat. The Damned made some damn fine noise.

    A funny one is I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister. That damn song... Every time I hear it I pump my fist in pre-teen angsty happiness.
  2. Carry on my wayward son and radar love do it for me
  3. SactoBass

    SactoBass There are some who call me.......Sactobass Supporting Member

    Jul 8, 2009
    Sacramento CA
    "Peace of Mind" by Boston

    "Limelight" by Rush

    "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin

    "Awaken" by Yes

  4. ThePoloHobo


    Aug 18, 2013
    Tulsa, OK
    Stacked Actors by Foo Fighters. Epic air drums.
    Hey Hey What Can I Do by Led Zep.
  5. lexington125


    Sep 11, 2013
    hollywood, baby......
    someday I will find 4 or 5 other guys who want to play the blues the way it was played before it became all about guitar heroics
    my baby's book - real kids
    son of sam - dead boys
    stop - howard tate
    insane asylum - willie dixon and koko taylor
    don't give it up now - lyres

    and a few million others......
  6. Nashrakh


    Aug 16, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
    21st Century Schizoid Man always makes me have fake epileptic seizures.
  7. jj4001


    Dec 27, 2010
    Providence, RI
    "Whorey Angel" - Betty Davis

    "Citadel" - Rolling Stones

    "Cha Cha Love" - The Spits

    "Gudbuy T 'Jane" - Slade

    "Modern Love" - David Bowie

    "If There's a Hell Below" - Curtis Mayfield

    "Stop" - Giorgio Moroder

    "Chatterbox" - New York Dolls

    I'm gonna stop now before this gets out of control.
  8. Dbt25677


    Jun 9, 2013
    Safe European Home - The Clash
    I get chills every time I listen to it.
  9. Killswitch Engaged's version of Holy Diver

    Piss- Pantera

    Anything Iron Maiden have done since Bruce Dickinson

    Two Headed Boy Part 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel
  10. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    I was totally air drumming on the train this morning listening to 2 Minutes to Midnight.
  11. eddododo

    eddododo Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2010
    'Whitecap' by Snarky Puppy!
  12. eddododo

    eddododo Supporting Member

    Apr 7, 2010
  13. Doctor_Clock

    Doctor_Clock The Moon Machine Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2013
    Brooklyn, NY
    Brave Captain-fIREHOSE
  14. pedroims


    Dec 19, 2007
    Highway Star - Deep Purple. The intro makes me feel like :bassist:
  15. bass geetarist

    bass geetarist

    Jul 29, 2013
    That "America" song from the South Park movie.

    Getting older and grumpier so I don't really get that fist pumping feeling anymore, but at one time or another:

    AC/DC - "For Those About To Rock"
    GnR - "Paradise City"
    Led Zep - "When the Levee Breaks"
    I Mother Earth - "Levitate"
  16. Juke Box Hero - Foreigner
    Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll
    Black sabbath - Heaven and Hell
    KISS - Cold Gin
    Coney Hatch - Monkey Bars
  17. bassbully

    bassbully Endorsed by The PHALEX CORN BASS..mmm...corn!

    Sep 7, 2006
    Blimp City USA
    Whole lot of Rosie AC/DC ( with Bon live)
    Shattered -Rolling Stones
    Police truck-Dead Kennedys
    Black Diamond-Kiss
    House Party-J. Geils Band

    These are a few ton's more.
  18. ffutterman

    ffutterman Talentless Bass Enthusiast

    May 7, 2010
    I have many a day that starts with Straight Outta Compton followed by Killing in the Name. If that doesn't get your juices flowing in the morning, I don't know what will.
  19. More than a feeling - boston
    War pigs - black sabbath
    Sweet child of mine
    Master of puppets
    Hallelujah - bamboo

    And so much more
  20. baba

    baba Supporting Member

    Jan 22, 2002
    3rd stone from the sun
    What a great album that was.