SOLD Sonic Blue P bass body swamp ash

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    2016 Sonic Blue Precision bass body $90.00 - Shipped conus only lower 48

    If you'd like a partially loaded body for $120.00 I'll include a white PG, aged Fender threaded saddle bridge (the bridge in the picture), and a set of EMG Select pickups. Just let me know.

    Swamp ash P bass body. Factory finished very pale Sonic Blue. Body came from StewMac and I believe it's a Mighty Mite but can't say for sure. MIM 50's series Maple neck fit it when I had it together. Also had a MIM rosewood jazz neck on it for a while too.

    The good

    Lightweight 4.86 lbs. Made for an 8.79 lb bass when I had it together. Finish is in excellent shape no major dings, chips, or scratches. All routes are very clean and neck pocket is free from excess paint build-up.

    The bad for full disclosure

    When I first built the bass I drilled and mounted a 5 hole bent plate bridge that I believed was Fender spec. It was not and I had to re-drill and mount a Fender bent plate threaded saddle bridge. Under the bridge are the holes from the previous bridge (see pics). Looks like crap underneath but the re-mounted bridge covered all but a very tiny part on the side of the plate. A bridge cover would completely hide it. String to pickup alignment if you use a real Fender threaded saddle bent plate which is what I suggest is decent but not exact. I've seen Fenders from the factory that were similar. The bass still played and sounded great though. If a person is OCD about it they could dowell all the bridge holes and re-mount any bridge they want. I've included a pic of the assembled bass to show the alignment.

    Payment via PayPal and and shipped conus lower 48 only.








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    Always when I'm broke...
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    On hold pending payment
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    And sold!