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soon to be ampeg rig

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by warwickben, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. i have been looking for a while and i have finally decied on what i want for a rig.a b2r head and a svt410he cab.does any one have a rig that close to this.
  2. fast slapper

    fast slapper

    Dec 11, 2001
    Fresno, CA
    I have a B2R. Loved it when I first got it. It was loud, punchy, and sounded good. After a year of use the power wasn't the same (no headroom). I've used it with that 4x10, sounded great.
  3. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
  4. tim4003


    Apr 30, 2002
    Dawsonville , GA
    I own a B-2R & a BSE-410H cab( 8ohm ).
    I was a little dissapointed with this rig until I hooked up with another 8ohm cab.
    BIG difference in tone & volume!
    I'm a happy camper now!
  5. I'm sure you'll be pleased. I note in your profile that you have a 4 X 10" cabinet now. Do you plan to keep it when you get your new rig? If you do, and it is an 8 ohm cabinet, you'll be able to run it with your new cabinet (an 8 ohm cabinet) and head and you'll be ready for just about anything!
  6. that's a very common statement amongst those that play at too high a volume for too long!!! (seriously, though).

    It's a great rig if the 4x10 is 4 ohms, so you get the full 350 watts from the head.

    A wish choice, good luck, you should be pleased.
  7. ihixulu

    ihixulu Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2000
    South Shore MA
    The 410HE cab sounds good but isn't very loud so you may want to consider an HLF cab or an additional HE if you're going be involved in high volume sets.
  8. what would be a good ampeg cab to hook up to it.i have a 4x10 but its a speakerhole.com cab pretty ****ty. iam trying spend the least amount of cash so thats why i picked the he.i played the b2r with one of the 15inch speaker wooten help make.it sound great but those cabs were way to much.

    BSE-410HLF $599
    BSE-410H $499
    SVT-410HE $579

    these are the only 4x10 cab i can really pay for.what would be the best chocie.

    also i have a combo15 inch thats 100 watts.i was going to take aline out from the ampeg so i can use the ampeg pramp and feed that in to the combo power amp.if i did this would i have the problem of bse-410h not being loud enough.
  9. ihixulu

    ihixulu Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2000
    South Shore MA
    If you want to keep using the speakerhole cab, then you should go for an 8 ohm cab. Personally, I'd go for one good cab versus 2 cabs I'm not totally happy with. Of the choices you listed, I'm for the BSE-HLF, but again that's just my opinion.
  10. BlacksHole


    Mar 22, 2000
    Rockville, MD
    The B2R is a great sounding amp and it is nice and light. It is not as loud as other 350 watt amps though. I think some of this may be it's preamp. I was using an active bass, so I used the active input, which is at -15dB. As far as I can tell, it is at least this much reduction, maybe more. It seems to work better using the normal input and letting the red light come on fairly frequently. If you don't, then I think this amp is a bit underpowered and it could not achieve the volume levels I need for our bigger gigs.
  11. i know the reason that most people dont find it loud.the dont set it right.i was reading the maunal.u have to set it right or it will be too loud our not enough.i cant decied between the bse hlf or svt 410he.some one told me its not as loud is that true. claypool used svt he so its good enough for me.
  12. proper use of the GAIN control will fix any preamp questions. You turn it up to where your loudest notes trip the light, so your normal playing doesn't quite trip it, and then it's right. Use the MASTER for volume control. Easy, but so many get it wrong.

    Again, it's a great amp!
  13. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
    Hemel Hempstead, UK
    Focusrite / Novation
    the reason why the HE won't be as loud as the HLF is because the HE is an 8ohm cab, the head needs to be runinng at 4homs to get the full 350watts out of it, the HLF cab is a 4 ohm cab and so makes the most of the head. With the hlf u can't add another cab (unless u buy a head with a 2ohm minimum) but it covers so many frequesncies, some argue you don't need another cab with it!


    Welcome to the Ampeg Family :D
  14. ihixulu

    ihixulu Supporting Member

    Mar 31, 2000
    South Shore MA
    That's only part of the reason. The HE has a sensitivity of 96db, which means it is going to be noticeably quieter than the other cabs which have sensitivities of 99db. Not a huge difference but definitely noticeable.

    Also, Ampeg amps tend to sound quieter because of how they are voiced. Turn the bass down a bit and you'll see how much louder you can push it. Of course then it doesn't sound like an Ampeg anymore.
  15. could u just rewire the he to be 4 ohms.but guess i have to save more money.
  16. keoliphant


    Mar 11, 2002
    Portland, OR
    I had the Ampeg B2 Combo - 15" sub w/ the B2R amp (I think) and was not happy with the system. I later added the Ampeg 2x10 and that rounded out the sound...more full.

    My problems w/ the setup were: 1) When playing with two loud guitarists, the bass couldn't be heard or felt. 2) When the volume knob was above 12 o'clock I'd get a decent amount of hiss....and it wasn't the bass.

    I think the B2R would make a good practice amp for playing with just one guitarist or for practicing by yourself. I wouldn't touch it if you were going to be using it for anything else.
  17. Si-bob


    Jun 30, 2001
    Hemel Hempstead, UK
    Focusrite / Novation
    I havn't had any such problems with my B-2R, i played a gig with 2 guitarists, i found i cut through quite nicely, i was going through a 210 and a 15.

    Regarding the hiss, did you have a the horn on high?
    or maybe there was some sort of fluresant tubing/light in the room?

  18. si bob u seem to really like the b2r help me .what is a good cab to get.
  19. pmkelly

    pmkelly Supporting Member

    Nov 28, 2000
    Kansas City, MO
    I have been using a b4r with a bse-410hlf... I play with two guitarists who are running line 6 ax2 amps to the pa, and we are not running my ampeg rig to the pa... for some reason, they still hear me! Probably because the b4r is a pretty heavy hitting rig (350 @ 4ohms x 2) which is a fair amount of power.... I will probably add another 410 cabinet soon! I haven't had an issues with my rig...

  20. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Are you bridging your b4r into that cab at 1000 watts or just running one side at 350 watts? I ran mine bridged at 1000 watts into my 610hlf last saturday at a hot humid outdoor gig. I was fully expecting the amp to overheat and shut down but it never did, it just kept cranking out the low end. :cool:

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