sooo, what strings should i get for my Kingston fretless 5?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by frederic b. hodshon, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. 35" scale.


    prefer nickel.

    gotta keep that "grrrrrrrrrrrr".

  2. I've gotten good sonic results with DR Sunbeams, 40-130. But I'm going over to Status flats (as soon as they get here).
  3. I've had pretty decent luck with DR Nickel Lo-Riders in the past on my Zon Sonus Special fretless. I'm working on getting some nickel Zon strings to try, but they're certainly taking their sweet time getting here! I second Peter's suggestion of the DR Sunbeams as well.
  4. thanks for the responses.

    i've wanted to try sunbeam nickels for a while now. never get around to ordering them.

    i use ultrasonics on my zon lw sonus.

    Guitar Center only had D'Addario nickels in 35" scale 5 string.

    bought them. they seem pretty nice.

    got a bug and polished up and restrung ALL my guitars. only 5.

    zon, mtd, jazz, strat and acoustic 6 string.

    what a workout!

    all clean and sounding great!!!!

    i bought an ibanez sb7 bass synth while i was there. new strings make a big diff with this unit.

    now i can sound like Gary Willis on Astro Chimp.

    well, at least the fart sounds.