Sore shoulders

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  1. NaturalBob


    Mar 21, 2014
    Hello fellow bass people. I just joined after being a part time bassist for many many years, I'm in my 60s now, retired and performing regularly for the first time in years. A few years back I bought a Sterling (affordable version of a Musicman Stingray) and it's been my main instrument but it's pretty heavy and tends to feel like I've been backpacking with one shoulder strap after a while. My old body is wondering about something lighter and I've been considering the Jack Casady Epiphone as he was an early inspiration and what I've read is very positive but I haven't found one in a shop anywhere in the Chicago area to try. Any thoughts on it's weight and sound/playability/feel etc. will be appreciated. And Happy Birthday to J S Bach.
  2. SassyHardwrench


    Mar 19, 2014
    My old body's quest for a light bass led me to the Hofner Beatle bass. I use Rotosound tapewounds on it and really like it. Mine is the Hofner made in China. Not pricey.
  3. NaturalBob


    Mar 21, 2014
    My Facebook friends found 2 locations where I went to try out the Jack Casady basses. I'd love to own one but it's really not that much lighter and the sharp edge is less comfortable than the eased Fender style body. I'll try some of your suggestions and look at a double strap, although it may clash with my "Gracefully Aging Rockstar" self image.