Sore Thumb w/ Strange Ways @ HCGWC 01/06/19

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  1. Hello everyone in TB land. My apologies for taking a week to post the story of Strange Ways @ Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club's His n Hers tournament. Life happens so sometimes posting becomes the lowest of priorities.
    This is the second year in a row we've played this event, it is a fun event that brings golfers from all over the northwest to our little town and our golf course. It's also really close for us. Screenshot_20190609-151210.png
    It's within stumbling distance home, but I drove because I was carrying some gear. Garry pulled the trailer but because we all live so close we didn't pack super tightly.
    Garry hard at work.
    The view of the 18th hole.
    Sound check in full swing. The golf course wanted us to set up early before lunch so that the golfers wouldn't be disturbed. There was a table of senior ladies having lunch that weren't part of the tournament that were a little scared that we were going to blast them out of the place. I went and explained the process and what to expect and they were cool with it. They enjoyed it at the end.
    My rig for the night. It's always good to have at least one fan.
    The nights set list.
    We showed up around 7:30 and found the golfers finishing their meal. It smelled great, but we didn't get served any food.
    We took advantage of the beautiful sun and the dapper dress (roaring 20s party theme) to take a group selfie.
    We were missing the funeral of a longtime supporter of the band, so we had a pre-show shot of Tennessee Honey in her honour. She was the manager of the local pub and was instrumental in giving the band their first gigs, long before I joined.
    During one of the breaks, this guy came up and said to Paul and I "Do you remember me?". He was the area manager when I was hired 19 years ago, (Paul trained me way back when,) he's been retired for many years but comes up just for this tournament. It was good to reminisce.
    My wife and our close friends came out to support us later in the night.
    Winston,(golf course manager) was really happy with the night. So happy, that he threw in a round of golf for each of us. It's a different crowd, and we knew it coming in. The golfers start on Friday afternoon. Have a party Friday night, get up early, golf 2 rounds on Saturday, then a big dinner and a party on saturday night, then another round on sunday morning. Some of them have been drinking since 9:00am. There seems to be a point where the place just empties out. This night it seemed to happen shortly after the 3rd set started.
    As we were cleaning up I over heard a couple of the waitresses talking about how the music that was on the house PA was such a let down. I laughed and said "ah, that's the Beatles playing. You can't compare us to the Beatles." She meant the energy of a live band versus some canned music.
    Leaving at the end of the night. It was a fun evening, with a beautiful night sky. My feet were killing me and we all were exhausted but can't wait to do it again.
    Next gig for us is June 28th and we get to open for Canadian rock legends 54-40.
    Thanks for reading and allowing me to share what's happening in my corner of the great white North.
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    Great report! You guys look like a really fun group! :hyper::bassist::)
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  3. Thanks so much. If we're having fun,we hope that it spreads and others are having fun too.
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  4. Hi @Sore Thumb!

    Wow, scenic place for a gig. That looks like a really nice course. Did you guys learn a couple of roaring 20s songs? BTW, you guys look great! :)

    Thanks for all the pictures. Looks like a nice turnout. Yes, the golfing crowd tends to wind it down early. They've been outside drinking and chasing a little ball all over creation. But it seems there are always just a few die-hards that stick around and party all night. Thanks for taking us to your gig.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  5. Thanks so much. It really is quite a course. Lots of fun, and no pretension. There's a good chance of seeing some wildlife on the course too.
    I wasn't able to get the guys to learn a 20's song or two. They didn't seem that into it.
    But it didn't matter in the end. People were happy, and management was happy too.
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    LOVED the Gig Report. Amazing pics!!!

    It's a shame you weren't able to make the service, but I'm sure your friend would understand.

    That course looks amazing. I'd love to play a round up there, but it's been ages since I've gone...may have to play a round or two local first!!!!
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  7. Looks like a fun night, thanks for the report.
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  8. Thanks, I'm happy to show off my corner of the world. It's one of the prettiest places I've ever been to, when it's sunny.
    If you ever decide to come up this way, give me a shout. I'd definitely play a round with you. But fair warning, I'm a value golfer, I hit the ball twice as many times as I'm supposed to but pay the same rate for green fees.
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  9. You're very welcome. I find them almost therapeutic.
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    Nice venue! And what a beautiful landscape around it! Great job, guys!
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    Dublin, Ireland.
    Nice report.
    You guys look great in the dapper outfits. Very professional look.
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  12. Thanks. It is very pretty, when it's sunny. Lots of fun was had.
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  13. Thanks. It feels good to look good. I'm subtly pushing the guys to up our game a bit when it comes to dress. I recently saw Volbeat/Godsmack and was impressed by how sharp Volbeat looked compared to Godsmack. While still looking very Rock & Roll.