Sorry if this belongs someplace else! Question regarding defretting neck

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  1. I've got a couple quick questions:

    1: What is the fastest/safest/easiest way to defret a fretboard?
    2: The fretboard is maple (supposed to be.. its off of a 1979 MIJ rip off of a fender.. so who knows) is that going to be able to hold up? or is it going to be a problem? I don't know about how strong of a wood maple is (and I am an aspiring luthier.. sad huh? :()

    I've got a moto-tool, which I ground down one fret to the fretboard (without touching the board) but that took FOREVER... looks good though :) wondering if there is a better way to do this.. probably..

    Again sorry if this is the wrong place.. I wasn't sure :)

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    Aug 5, 2001
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    I vaguely recall that my friend asked a luthier about defretting his bass with a maple fretboard and the guy said it was a bad idea because maple is soft. I very well could be wrong though. I have never seen new fretless basses sold with maple fingerboards so that may be a clue it might not be a good idea.
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    Jan 15, 2001
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    Grinding will take a while, and the sound will be disturbed, as most of the time you will fret on wood but occationally on metal.
    Rip the **** out, put in some wood strips. Maple will do, but needs at least laquer. If you use rounds, I'd recommend card coating.

    Now: search the archives for "defretting", and spend a week reading them!
  4. Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that ;)

    I am going to rip the bastards out of the neck, I read something about some Ohio Forge pliars that have a very fine edge to them, that someone used to pull out frets on their maple board.. I was going to fill in the slots with wood strips so that I could still see the lines (I still need lines.. I'm not that good yet!:() and coat it with Marine Epoxy (Ah Jaco.. ) :rolleyes: atleast, that is the plan.. this bass will have tapwounds on it.

    thanks for the info
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    Shouldn't this be in Setup?

    I know i was given the keys to the kingodm for setup but A) i wouldn't know what to do just in by means of moving it. and B) i don't think i can move it from someone elses forum.

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    Go to a hobby shop where they sell model airplane stuff; they will have birch plywood down to 1/6" thick or so; pretty good for filling fret slots. Also, in the train section they have nice plastic rod 1/8" or so (I have no idea for what) that makes good position markers.

    Get a radius sanding block from Stewart-McDondald so you can reshape the fingerboard after you put on the epoxy; I like 12" radius but take your pick.
  7. The pliers you mentioned were in a post from me and if you'll look at the last few pages of posts in this forum, you will find not only that post but a link to the best illustrated de-fretting site you could imagine.

    Please, JUST LOOK :rolleyes: