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  1. Double bassers,

    Have any of you ever heard soul coughing. I love their use of the double bass in a jazz/hiphop style. Their bassist Sebastian Steinberg uses some very intresting licks. A few songs he uses distortion and a bow. What a sound! I think you guys should check 'em out. A very convential insturment used in very unconvential ways.
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    "jazz/hiphop" is a self-contradictory term.
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    You're showing your age, Don. I think you would look very hip on stage with a baseball cap on backwards.,,495555,00.html?artist=Soul+Coughing - Soul Coughing was founded by former New York City music critic M Doughty, who also worked at the famed avant-garde jazz club the Knitting Factory. Described by Doughty as "deep slacker jazz," Soul Coughing's music combines Doughty's stream-of-consciousness lyrical fragments, the jazz grooves of upright bassist and drummer Sebastian Steinberg and Yuval Gabay, and the various contributions of sampling guru Mark de Gil Antoni. Steinberg and Gabay were veterans of both New York's avant-garde and hip-hop underground scenes. Their debut album, Ruby Vroom, was released in 1994; Irresistible Bliss followed two years later, and in 1998 the group resurfaced with El Oso. Soul Coughing decided to call it quits in March of 2000, with M. Doughty pursuing a solo career. DiGliAntoni has a band called Horse Tricks and does film scores, and Steinberg and Gabay continue working together as a drums and bass duo called UV Ray.~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide

    [​IMG]<br>(their appearance on The Late Show)
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    And just to add something in here, some of the most exciting music I've heard recently has been Mexican hip-hop (check out the Amores Perros soundtrack for a great sampling of the genre). Yes, there's a lot of crap, but the same goes for any genre (I, for one, think that jazz has largely played out the head-solos-head format, but it seems like few are willing to explore beyond that).

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    Why just yesterday I was listening to MC Solaar with Ron Carter on "Un Ange En Dange". Good track. Also Medeski Martin and Wood have done some cool stuff with DJ Logic. In general, I don't think it's a requirement to consciously experiment with genres, but there have been some excellent results with jazz and hip hop.

    Don, I don't know what hip hop you have heard, but the stuff on the radio and MTV is not representative of the genre, just as the smooth jazz station is not representative of jazz. There's some excellent stuff out there, and my argument would be that hip hop uses some very similar approaches as jazz - the mixture of the oral and the written, a focus on repetition with a difference, complex rhythmic ideas. Not to mention they are both misunderstood. Anyway, it's obvious that I am from a different background than many players on this side of the board, but I think you guys are gonna see more and more of us!
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    Oh no :eek:

  7. I have an Orlando Cachaito Lopez album that is very hiphop at times. You could play this stuff at one of those "meatmarket clubs"! I think the hip hop or whatever on the radio is crap but what Lopez is doing (WITH A REAL BAND) is incredible. It's nice to hear the bass taken to new areas.
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    Another rec for the Cachaito CD. Even the more traditional tunes on that album are a little spacy.
  9. Thanks for the replys guys. It's good to see some people that enjoy this tyoe of music.
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    I've listened to Soul Coughing a bit, and while I enjoy the musical style to certain extent, it's not particularly "hip-hop" or "jazz" in my experience. I am confused as to how it is either of these. About their bassist - when I first heard them, I wondered if it was possibly keyboard bass, or just heavily processed electric.
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    I think we were on a tangent about just hip hop and jazz in general.
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    Since this thread was getting a bit contentious (and off the original topic), I did a little sweeping up. The hip hop/jazz flame war has now been moved to Misc, under the new title, "A Civilized Discussion.....". Those of your who still wish to talk about Soul Coughing, please feel free to do so, and don't let the fact that some around here (including myself) don't care for hip hop stop you. Since I've not heard of them, I can promise that I won't be jumping in with any comment about how good/bad they are. Please continue your discussion if you have anything further to say, and sorry for the interruption.