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Sound change on j pup

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Tihi, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hi there!

    Have an '75 jazz bass with older dimarzio j pups. Everything sounds great, but when I go to max open pots, then it gets little brighter. Is that normal?
    Also does pups lose their strenght in time, how often should they be replaced?

  2. Pickups do lose their strength in time, but in this case, I guess either the potmeters have the wrong value (should be 250K for single coil J-pickups), or they are worn out or dirty.
    If you like the sound of these old Dimarzio's, you should consider to replace the pots with new ones; CTS pots are good.
    I'm not a fan of Dimarzio pickups btw, especially the older ones. For a true jazz sound, I would advise:
    - Fender CS60's
    - Seymour Duncan Antiquities
    - Lindy Fralins
    - Nordstrand pickups
    These pickups all have their own character, but they all reproduce the old jazzbass sound in a much better way than the old Dimarzio pickups, and they have more power and sound more dynamic in my experience.
    I.m.o. a '75 jazz deserves a decent pair of pickups..

    Have fun with it!
  3. DavePlaysBass


    Mar 31, 2004
    At full volume you will pass a few more highes to the amp. However if you roll off the neck pup, the bridge by itself should be brighter.

  4. Thanks Dave & Ray.

    Will check/change the pots. Also for a while now I'm looking for some new pups. Lot of people talk about Lindy Fralin. would like to have some vintage sound. Don't know what would be the difference Fralin/dimarzio? There aint any in Croatia so I can not check them out.

  5. The old Dimarzio's that you have (I assume they are old? Maybe the ones with the white covers) have strong mids and mid lows, and that's about it as I remember them.
    Not a broad dynamic range in the old Dimarzio's.
    Fralins have a very even response in all frequencies, and have more lows and more highs also than the old Dimarzio's, and a nice growl as a bonus. Overall better sounding pickups. I expect a big difference. I don't think they wil be cheap though in Croatia. You could order them from the USA maybe if you have a creditcard (check Ebay, there is always a pair available from a Lindy fralin dealer on Ebay).
    Another option would be the Fender custom shop 60's, these are probably easier to get in Croatia. (You could order them from Germany: www.thomann.de for example).

    Start with the pots though, you will need clean/new pots anyway.

    Good luck,
  6. I would ofcourse order via ebay, they are much cheaper in the USA. 160$+10$ postage to Croatia. If only I could hear them. Also considering the newer dimarzio J-set. Don't know. I like a little more mids. Playing some progresive jazz/rock.
    Noticed that you owned a joe osborn lakland (fralins?) - wow... how was it?
    Thanks for all the help and greetings from Croatia!
  7. Hi Tihomir,

    The Joe Osborne was nice, pickups sounded great. I sold it because I didn't like the rosewood fretboard on the Joe Osborn. Not good for slapping.

    If you like mids, don't get the Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pickups. I have read lots of comments here on Talkbass that they have a kind of scooped sound.

    I forgot to mention Seymour Duncan Antiquities (II). Haven't tried them myself, but they get very good reviews. Could be another option.

    (Edit: ofcourse I didn't forget.. they are right there in my first answer :smug: )