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  1. I finally played a show with my new rig after having it for 2 months. I really didn't expect to have to turn it up as loud as i did and i was on the verge of pooping my pants. I was so paranoid about here blowing or something going wrong. I just had to replace 2 speakers as soon as it was sent to me because of shipping damages. The thought of anymore money being spent on fixing something was getting to me...BAD.
    She played well but was lacking in bass only because we really didn't have a long sound check. After turning her up so much she sounded a lot different than what she does at practice. i was a little rushed to play so didn't get to mess with with the parametric eq to get what i needed.
    anyway onward to the important part. I just got a GEB-7 in last night went to practice and hooked her up. Left the amp settings the same and set my geb-7 and started to jam out a bag of balls. Just big ol' balls bloody heart thumping balls. sounded fantastic. Did a little sound check with my guitarist and i needed to turn her up a little. I noticed if i went to high she sounded like she would randomly cut out a tad bit of sound. it was very quick. It caused me from not being as loud as i needed to be.
    I run it like this Guitar>boss ns-2>Turbo Rat>boss geb-7>amp
    I kind of fixed it when i turned the volume on the amp down but then the level on the geb-7 up. I slowly increased my volume until it was really nice. I just don't get why i was having this problem with high volume but then i try it the alternative way...and i get louder and have no problem...The main concern is what happens when i play a show and i have to go..of course even louder?!
    Oh I have a yamaha b100III the guy told me it'll run 250w(he ran it with 1x18 and 4x10's) i run that to a Fender BXR Spectrum.
  2. anyone?
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    Have you got a concise question here?
  4. your clipping your amp.

    when you run the amp up that loud, instead of farting, it clips the signal, so it seems like your loosing sound.

    Do yourself a favor, if you feel you need more volume, buy a bigger amp.
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    If that is the model of amp that I used to have it is 100W maximum into a 4Ω load. As Mr Lucky advises: you need a bigger amp.

  6. i found this on a review.
    This head rates at 100 watts RMS at 8 ohm load (about 200 watts peak @ 8ohms, roughly 350 watts peak at 4 ohm load)
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    "Peak" doesn't mean diddly if one is trying to get more average volume and the amp can't deal with the demand and goes "thermal".
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    To be sure I downloaded the manual. The amp is not the same as mine maybe mine was the II model.

    Manual states Output power 100W at 10% THD into 8Ω or 4Ω. There you have it.

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    As previously stated, forget about Peak ratings. Always look at the RMS output.
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    Short answer: Tell the rest of your band to STOP turning up louder when playing live.

    Longer answer:
    Sounds like when you're playing live you're playing WAY louder than practicing. Not really needed if the whole band keeps things set as when practicing.

    Stage volume is a solve-able problem if everyone wants to solve it.

  11. highly noted.

    We only have one guitarist and play either 2 full stacks or one...depends...recently it's been one because a cab went out. we also set one cab on each side of the stage. I've always thought we played a little to gets jumbled and i can't even distinguish parts of the songs sometimes.
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    So, in essence, the band ends up sucking. If you can't hear anything right, chances are your audience can't either.
  13. noted.

    Im sure we will be going back to 2 full stacks soon. In the case i was to get a new bass head...would anyone have any suggestions on a very good inexpensive one. I'm really starting to think 100watts isn't going to hold up to my expectations for long.

    so what would you guys do...i know that 100watts should be enough...infact i've played with bands that had 100 or 150 watt bass amps. They are not as loud as us but it isn't like we are blowing them out of the water. it really is a tad bit difference. Played with a band who used an old 100 watts. stuck out a lot.
    should i try to get bigger or just look in to buying 2x10's. so it would be 4x10 and an 18.
  14. if i go is the acoustic 370