Sound Test of My 5 String Ibanez Mikro Bass.

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by JohnArnson, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. JohnArnson


    May 28, 2019
    A sound test I just recorded of my bass setup, using my 5 string Ibanez GSRM25 Mikro bass, that I have re-wired so that the 2 stock J pickups are wired in series, connected directly to the output hack socket, and tuned in F# standard tuning, F#1 to D3, 2 half steps above standard E tuning, and stringed with a set of Ernie Ball Bass VI strings, gauge .090-.074-.054-.042-.030, threaded through the bass string ball ends nipped off from some old bass strings, in order for the guitar string sized ball ends of the strings not to slip through the holes for strings in the bridge.

    My signal split up in 2 parallel paths, one carrying my bass signal, and one running through a Sub'n'Up Mini set to pitch the signal ip 1 octave, giving an effect somewhat similar to playing an octave bass, as in a bass with pairs of bass and octave strings, only with the advantage that I can manipulate the 2 signal individually this way.

    I still need to find a high gain distortion that works properly for my use, but it will likely be a Source Audio AfterShock for the bass signal and a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone or Behringer GDI21 on the California setting on the 1 octave up signal.

    The sound test starts out with a flanger effect on the bass signal and a phaser effect on the 1 octave up signal, clean tone starts about the 13:53 mark.

    The 2 whole songs played got the working titles "3rd Eye of Hypnos" and "In Orbit", and is for my bass/drums/vocals solo project "all I nil":
    Dropbox - Soundtest - Ibanez 5 string Mikro - 211119.mp3 - Simplify your life

    Here's a picture of the bass in question (this picture with the old gauge .100 to .032 string set installed):
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  2. JohnArnson


    May 28, 2019
    Here's a new sound test with some changed settings, as I wasn't completely satisfied with the tone of the example above:

    Dropbox - Soundtest - Ibanez 5 string Mikro - 221119.mp3 - Simplify your life

    Clean bass signal alone, which I really never use, just to give you an idea of how my bass sounds alone by it self, although it does sound a little naked and dry that way, at about the 2:45 minute mark the 1 octave signal path is then activated (and normally this will actually always be on together with my bass signal), and at about the 4:53 minute mark a flanger on the bass signal and phaser on the 1 octave up signal kicks in.
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  3. ScottMatt


    Sep 7, 2014
    Nice work, John! :thumbsup: I was just thinking about experimenting with a mikro 5 and Ernie Ball Bass VI strings, and found this thread. Were any mods needed to get the strings set up properly, other than thread the ball ends? Some nut work, perhaps?
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