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    Oct 22, 2006
    Is it just me, or can soundmen be very difficult?? I have been playing live now for about three years, and over this time i have experienced many a difficult soundman. Dont get me wrong, there are some amazing soundmen that are a pleasure to work with, but there are many that are just so difficult. Tonight i had to deal with probably the worse ever. It was for a big indoor event, so i set up my gear. I walked over to the soundman and introduced myself, he seemed nice. So they spent ages soundchecking the drum kit, and finally after getting around past the guitars, who he grilled, he came to me. I started playing just some notes, but after like 5 seconds he was like, "woah slow down, is that the tone you use live?". I was like yeah it is. He then spent like 5mins telling me to cut my bass, boost my mids, tweak my highs, and all this crap, trying to completely change my tone. THen if that wasnt enough, i went to the toilet to come back and see him tweakin my eqs on my amp. I almost fell over. I couldnt believe it. The soundman then proceeded to try and tune the drum kit in the way he wanted, and the drummer ran over, fuming. Now i'm no pro muso yet, though i hope to get there one day. I just cant belive that soundmen are like this. He just tried to get rid of my tone, the very thing that as a bass player i think makes me unique. After all, i have spent hour after hour perfecting my sound, and he just tries to blow it off in a second. Does anyone have similar stories
  2. Just make sure these guys know their boundries don't include uninvited touching of instruments or rigs. If he's a professional, he can get his point across without having to hijack your gear.

    Never had that happen, if it did it wouldn't last very long.