SOLD Source Audio OFD, Source Audio HUB, Tech21 Midi Mouse

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  1. Price:
    As the title says...

    All work as they should, midi mouse shows some wear (as it was when I bought it)

    Will post pics tomorrow but everything looks as you would expect. Prices are shipped lower 48

    OFD - $110
    Hub with 4, S/A midi cables $90
    midi mouse with 1, midi cable $85
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  2. hub and midi mouse sold

    please buy the ofd, it's a great pedal (especially with a hub and midi mouse) but I'm having to much fun trying new pedals every couple of months.... please fund my G.A.S.

    pedal has velcro on the back, which is how I got it. Will include wall wart if that makes the deal for anyone. Just let me know you want it and I will include it.

  3. still for sale
  4. ofd traded .... all gone