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  1. David Henry

    David Henry

    Mar 24, 2000
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    Source Audio SA124 SoundBlox Classic Distortion – New – Free Shipping. For sale only. $78 shipped to the USA only. PayPal OK.

    NOS, unused in original package. Includes owner’s manual and batteries. Cardboard box has very minor handling/storage wear. Original batteries have date expired, so I am including new batteries.

    I never got around to using this as I already had too many effects when I bought it. I really hate to sell this, but I have no other choices now. Due to health and associated financial problems, I am selling most of my music gear.

    Info from Source Audio:

    The Soundblox Classic Distortion packs 4 tube amp and 8 fuzz box overdrive tones plus a Clean Boost/Tone mode into one compact and easy to use pedal. Unlike other products, which attempt to digitally clone, model or emulate vintage gear, the organic tones of the Soundblox Pro Classic Distortion are the result of a five-year listening study and iterative algorithm design process involving over 40 classic pedals and extensive artist evaluation.

    Plus, the Classic Distortion is Hot Hand ready for even more expressive capabilities.

    •Diverse sound palette Featuring 11 varieties of classic distortion sounds with an added CLEAN BOOST / TONE mode.

    •Modern design A thoughtfully designed box which features rugged construction and sleek looks.

    •State-of-the-art DSP Our proprietary 56-bit Digital Signal Processor, the SA601, and crystal clear 24-bit converters.

    •Motion Control all Soundblox pedals are Hot Hand Ready and can be used with any Hot Hand motion sensor to extend the capabilities of the unit.

    •Active Analog Bypass is fully routed around the DSP and active input ensures zero signal degradation.

    •Dimensions: 7 in./17.8cm (length not including I/O jacks) x 4 in./10.2cm (width) x 2 in./5cm (height, including knobs).

    •Power supply not included. Power requirements 110mA @ 9V DC adapter with a negative tip. (max 145mA with Hot Hand Wireless Adapter)


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