Source Audio Soundblox Pro vs 2

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  1. Hi guys, I am interested in getting some source audio pedals, and have what I want mostly narrowed down, but I'm not sure whether I would rather have the Multiwave Bass Distortion Pro or 2. I'm wondering if the pro is worth the extra money. Thanks
  2. Gadgetjunky


    Aug 9, 2011
    Oh, I have researched this very thing. So....

    *6 presets
    *Midi control via standard midi cable, In only
    *Hot Hand controls only the amount of drive
    *Hot hand and expression pedal can be used at the same time
    *Expression pedal morphs between presets only
    *(edit) Oops, the eq
    *2 presets
    *Midi control, after midi adapter is released. But will have Midi in/out and can daisy chain midi data using the SA daisy chain cable between other SB2 pedals
    *Hot hand can be assigned to any cingular control knob, default is to morph presets
    *Future compatibility with SB2 pedals
    *Expression pedal compatible only with SA dual expression pedal

    I have a Pro version mainly because I control my fx with midi and without the midi adapter available at this time, I really didn't have a choice. But the expanded control of the hot hand on the SB2 make it very attractive. I think it mainly comes down to if you want the 6 presets and have plenty of room for it in your setup or if you are into the Hot Hand. I imagine it won't be long after the midi adapter comes out before I move to the SB2 MWBD.

    BUT - Check out the Classic Distortion Pro if you are interested in more traditional fuzz/distortions
  3. Thanks for clearing it up for me, I think I'm leaning a bit towards the pro, but seeing as I don't have too much money to spend(just a broke teenager) maybe I'll go for the SB2
  4. Gadgetjunky


    Aug 9, 2011
    Look in the classifieds. I got a Pro for $150

    Presets are nice to have and morphing is fun