Source for Ibanez parts? (tuner bushing)

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  1. Hi all,
    Can someone suggest a good source for Ibanez parts online which will ship out of the US? I just got a used Ibanez ATK 300 which I'm defretting, but the seller didn't tell me it was missing a bushing ring from the D-string tuner. This has resulted in the tuner being pulled towards the bridge and stripped the 2 neck end screws on that tuner. :crying: The tuners themselves are fine, I just need the bushing (the little ring thing which fills the hole around the tuner's shaft on the front of the headstock). I realise I may have to buy a new tuner or in fact a whole new set, but I thought I'd ask here rather than blindly stumbling around the internet!


  2. I believe the best source would be the Ibanez USA website. I checked out the parts section of the site out of curiousity and was floored by the parts selection - pretty much everything for recent makes/models. By recent, I mean (I think) within the last decade.
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    There's no place on there to purchase parts, though.
  4. I actually bought a fender bushing which was cheap and easy and I hope it fits when it arrives...
    For future referrence though, if anyone knows of somewhere (other than ebay) where they sell Ibanez parts, I'd be grateful to know.