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South african bassists please help

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by big daddy cool, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. I'm going to RSA both in February and July, and because of the favourable exchange rates I was looking in to purchasing a new bass.

    I have two questions.

    1: do you know of any music man dealers In either Cape town or Durban

    2: do you know of any website relating to music shops which sell bass guitars in either Cape town or Durban?

    If you do please help, because you could end up saving me hundreds of pounds. Thank you

    Oh, and if you know any RSA online auction type things which might help please let me know bout that too. Cheers
  2. cumon, there are 19900 talkbass members or summit like that. surly at least one of you can help me. no?
  3. Dude today is your lucky day :D

    I live in Cape Town, so I don't know about Durban.

    Anyway, the main place here is called Paul Bothner (their website here is not very complete, but they have much much more in store).
    They have a shop in Plumstead, you can look them up when you get here.

    They are kinda expensive (for us locals anyway)... about R250 for a set of d'addario XL's. The exchange rate now is... wait... 17.3311 rand to the pound at close of business today and dropping all the time :(

    A decent bass here costs anything from R2000 to R10 000 (high end five string custom fretlesses with three-way can openers and the like).

    You could always email them... I'm sure they have an address somewhere at their site.

    edit: or is that rising all the time? it's getting better for the pound and worse for the rand is what i mean
  4. thanks very much man... youve been a help. I'm gonna e-mail them now and try to find out if they stock the ibanez edb 500/600 because I'm thinking the look very tempting.

    I'm not sure how good an idea of their stock size and variation ill get, so if it aint too much trouble could you give me some idea, because i remember a couple of years back we were driving round the whole of durban trying to find what was apparently a good store and they only had one crappy over priced bass in it. Cheers mate.
  5. I'm going there on Monday, so I'll have a look if they stock them.
  6. thank u. If they do can U find the price too. Cheers.

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