South Carolina area bassists with Darkglass.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by James Gibson, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Columbia, SC can be somewhat of a gear desert. There's not a lot on hand outside of the bread and butter stuff. Is there anyone out there around the SC are with a Darkglass B3K, B7K, or VMT who can let me demo their pedal? I have yet to try one of these for myself.
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    Guys around here have an almost cultish-like fanatical worship of their Darkglass pedals. Will be interesting to see if you get a positive answer.

  4. Oh, I can tell, and I'm a huge fan of overdriven bass tone. To be clear, I'm not asking to bum your pedal for a couple weeks. I just want to be in the same room with one of these, and get a vibe for how it sounds with my instrument and hands.
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    If there's a local guitar shop that you like, suggest they carry Darkglass! Usually when a dealer starts carrying a brand it's due to customer requests.
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