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Southern England (Bass) Guitar Building Courses??

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by stompfrog, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Any one know of any good ones? I have searched for "guitar building courses" and "luthier courses" and both returned no results? :(

    I am based in Reading and want to learn!!!
  2. There's totnes school of guitar making in devon cost around £3700 plus extra materials (can run to about £600) and around £1100 for digs and to finish it off your living costs(min£900) giving you a total of about £6300, three month course,(very good done it myself).
    There is the one in leeds uni, three year course, grant funded (which of course you pay back, silly money).
    thers one in newark nottingham two years, grand funded.
    one in merton acoustics only.
    one in london uni, acoustics only.
    I'm sure there are a couple of builders offering short course's two weeks and the like but not sure who or where abouts they are, you could search all the english builders web pages,although I didn't find them when I looked, not sure if these aren't kit bassed? which won't be alot of good if you want to learn how to make a bass if they are.
    Your abit stuffed unless your willing to spend plenty of dough and live out for a bit, proberly one of the reasons not many people take it up for a living, that and it's hard graft for little money! not trying to put you off but you should not walk into this lightly.

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