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Southern Rock Bassists?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by TravellinMan, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. TravellinMan


    Jan 11, 2003
    NW Indiana
    What are you're favorite Southern Rock Bassists?
    And Why? Mine are;
    Leon Wilkeson; Lynyrd Skynyrd- RIP LEON
    Leon was so Melodic and his style Fit best with LS
    Charlie Hayward-CDB, He is a great bass player and he does a lot of diffrent styles in the CDB Country/SR/Blues/Jazz/ and even Latin styles!
    Larry J- From 38 Special & original Skynyrd Bassist!
    Love is work on the Live Cd, especially on "Twentith Centry Fox", and the earliest LS recording going back to 1968!

    Ok now you're turn!
  2. Turock


    Apr 30, 2000
    Berry Oakley
  3. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    Live At The Fillmore, baby.

    ...at least, Oakley attempted to walk thru the changes in SIX("Stormy Monday").

    How 'bout Lamar Williams, Oakey's successor?
    Nice work on Brothers & Sisters & in the Allman Bros' offshoot band, Sea Level(also on Capricorn Records...maybe NOT Southern Rock, per se, but ya know). ;)
  4. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    Banner Thomas From Molly Hatchet! Awesome tone especialy on the first self titled album.
    I love Berry and Leon also.

    Allen Woody. Paul Goddard from the Atlanta Rythm section. Larry Junstrom from 38 Spcial is pretty good plus he plays St Blues basses.
  5. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    I agree with you 100% on Charlie Hayward. That man is such an underrated bassist. Great grooves in Ragin Cajun, Behind Your Eyes, Mississippi, The South's Gonna Do it Again. I don't know why more people don't appreciate him.

    Also love Leon Wilkinson. He was always tasty. Such great lines in I've Been Your Fool, I Know a Little, I Never Dreamed, Saturday Night Speical (simple but tasteful), What's Your Name, the list can go on.

    Also a big fan of both the Allman's bassist, Barrey Oakley and Allen Woody. I still haven't heard any Gov't Mule yet, and I really want too.
  6. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Forgot to add, the Outlaws had a pretty good bassist also. (don't know his name) Stick Around for Some Rock n' Roll has a great bassline to it.
  7. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    All the Allman Brothers bassist where/are badass!
    Rick Rook Godflies<sp> was a good player also, I have a DVD with him on it where he takes a nice solo:cool:
  8. All the above plus Pat Daugherty from Black Oak Arkansas.

    Harvey Dalton Arnold played on most of the Outlaws disks that I own.
    Frank O'Keefe played on the song Stick around for Rock and Roll.
  9. TravellinMan


    Jan 11, 2003
    NW Indiana
    Yeah you should check out Gov't Mule; Have a Cd of their's that has various bassist on it; From Jack Bruce to John Etwhistle, to the late great Allen Woody!
    Also like Greg Walker from Blackfoot, was also on a few early SKynyrd Material!
  10. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    I know he's more New Orleans but Kenny Gradney from Little Feat has got to get a honorable mention!
  11. TravellinMan


    Jan 11, 2003
    NW Indiana
    Yet! to hear any Little Feat Can any of you recomend a good Cd from them!
    Also a good tribute to Leon Wilkeson of Lynyrd Skynyrd check out this site www.musiciansforskynyrd.com
  12. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
  13. Woodchuck


    Apr 21, 2000
    Atlanta (Grant Park!)
    Gallien Krueger for the last 12 years!
    Would the Dixie Dregs be considered SR? If so, Dave Larue. 'Nuff said! :p
  14. Yes....and Woody.
  15. watspan


    Nov 25, 2002
    madison, wi
    "Waiting for Columbus" double live cd is a definite classic.

    As for SR Bassists, Capt. Al, The Big A.W.! Allen Woody has to top my list.--His work w/ ABB is surely SR/Jam. Some of the Gov't Mule stuff is SR-esque, but most of it is flat out kick-ass!!!

    Leon w/ Skynyrd I always felt had some real nice walking-bass lines (e.g. "I know a Little") and really had a great tone mid 70's
  16. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    Besides columbus these three are killer!
    Feats don't fail me now
    Sailin shoes
    Let it roll
  17. gweimer


    Apr 6, 2000
    Columbus, OH
    I find that I really like Rick Kearns work with Cry Of Love.

    And have to agree with Paul Goddard and Leon Wilkeson, as well.
  18. Johnny colt from the earlier (southern harmony, amorica, etc.) Black Crowes is mighty cool. He laid some tasty stuff down on those two albums, especially the almighty Amorica.
  19. Mojo-Man

    Mojo-Man Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2003
    Berry Oakley it all started with him.
    Andy West-Dregs
  20. TravellinMan


    Jan 11, 2003
    NW Indiana
    Just picked up Gov't Mule's "Life Before Insanity" I think one of Allen's best bass work!