SOLD Spaceman Explorer Deluxe Phaser (Brand New)

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    Selling a brand new Spaceman Explorer Deluxe Phaser. This is an incredibly versatile, musical, 6 stage, all analog phaser. It has a plethora of waveforms to choose from (sine, triangle, square, ramp, and more), and you can control the phaser directly with your foot via an expression pedal. The only time the box was opened was to take the attached photo. This pedal is brand new, never plugged in. Comes with all the original extras (box, manual, and other goodies). $390 shipped ConUS.

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    I'm beginning to suspect that anything @protonlenny lists becomes a collectors item because they sell so fast !
    As a phaser junky i really liked the demo of this pedal. All of your demos are super helpful - and inspiring. thanks for what you do!!