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  1. My husband (very experienced guitar player, lead singer) and I (new bass player) happened across this thread some months ago. Eminence Kappa Lite 3015 vs. Faital Pro 15PR400 We got a Faital for me and I'm super happy. It's clear from lows to highs, and after blowing up a couple other speakers I'm happy to have one that can handle the volume. We also got an Eminence and put it in the sub in the PA system, so if we want more bass support it's there at the push of a slider. The combination of the two is super awesome. You all were so helpful with all the opinions and advice and I wanted to let you know it's really appreciated.

    I have enjoyed so many of your discussions on here, and I love how you are kind to newbies as well as experienced musicians. I generally don't post but I'm very happy to have this forum and all you good people here. Thanks!
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    Glad it worked out for you.:thumbsup:

    What bass cab and sub cab are you using?

    Usually a cab is built for a specific speaker. Lots of threads on this to check out. :)

    Check out my Wiki link page and HPF/LPF thread (see below) for a bunch more great TB info, organized by topic.
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  3. The PA sub used to be a 12 space equipment rack. My husband modified it to make a speaker cabinet. 16x21x17 tall. 42 pounds (we are getting old so that’s important). The amp is an Inuke NU4-6000 bridged which is working out really well.
    My bass speaker is in a cabinet my husband made using a Port City design. The previous bass player used it for 2 years before I came on board, but took his speaker out of it when he left. I like my Faital better though and think it sounds more clear and strong.
    We are just a bar band that plays in the expat community up the road but we have fun, like the way we sound, and we can crank up the volume enough to make even the young Panamanians happy!

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