Speaker cabinet repair in Atlanta?

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  1. Looking for a few suggestions here. I was getting some horrible, staticky distortion from my rig for several weeks. I use a mid-70s Ampeg V4-B with a decade-old Ampeg 410 HLE cabinet. It was time for the amp to be serviced, so I had some work done. However, the distortion persists. My amp tech looked at my cabinet, and thought the ports might be loose. Whatever it is, it's not usable. So, I'm stuck with my Fender BXR 100 for the time being.

    Can anyone recommend a place in or around Atlanta to get this fixed? My amp guy only does amps, and I think Bakos might be the same way. My tech suggested coating the ports in auto adhesive and sticking them back in, but I don't want to screw this up - I'm useless on the tech end, and barely have enough free time to practice. Any ideas appreciated!
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    You could give Jim Rubio at Atlanta Bass Gallery a call. He might know someone that can help you.
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