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  1. AND building...I've got a design for my speaker cabinet in the works...I'm thinking about around 2.4 cubic feet, 1x12 and 1 if not 2 tweeters, for the extra high end...What kind of crossover should I use, I got an info sheet that said a simple cap on the positive side of the tweet would kill freq. I calculated 7.4uF would kill below 1.6khz and the Madison tweeter I'm looking at is 1.6-20k...How big of the wire should I use inside?what gauge?What kind of connectors?How would I do an L-Pad, or is it too complicated since I'm po(or)Wouldn't it just be a pot put on a variable capacitor?Or how would I wire it with the cap in the circuit.... I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before i go to build and end up with a lemon....Thanks bunches
  2. The questions being asked indicate you still have a lot of research/learning to do before spending money on components, or breaking out the table saw.

    A tweeter is always MUCH more efficient than a bass driver. Adding a second tweeter will add so much screech that the rig will be seriously out of balance and will hiss like crazy. If this was a great idea, all the commercial cabs would do it. They don't.

    Take a look at the bass driver you plan on using and note where the bass response starts to fall off. This will probably be higher for a 12" than for the larger drivers. This will give you an idea about where to cross over.

    Buy a crossover.

    Unless you have the *impedance* accurately identified on both drivers at the crossover frequency, you will get it wrong, and it will sound like crap. If you are using a piezo tweeter, no crossover is needed. Let the bass driver run full range and the piezo is self-protecting. You can also add a simple capacitor to a non-piezo tweeter to block the lows.

    You have a cabinet volume in mind, but is it correct for your chosen bass driver? See if your driver is listed in my spread sheet. I have all the Eminence drivers worked out already, and a thousand other drivers too.

    Otherwise, you are just guessing, and it will sound like it. You cannot build a ported cab blindly, and expect it to sound great.