Speaker Combination??

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  1. 98evanb


    Feb 23, 2014
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    Hey TB.
    So on my new 6'er im having a really hard time getting my low end to come through. As of right now I'm using a 6x10 cab. Has anyone ever heard of a 2x10 + 2x15 speaker cab? Or is it even possiable? I'm new to this. Thanks.
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    It's possible, and somewhat controversial as to how well it works. But controversy aside, such a cab seems like it would be heading towards being pretty big and heavy. Simply stacking a 2x10 on a 2x15 might allow you to try out the idea, with more flexibility and portability.
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    Don't think in speaker sizes. If you don't like the sound of the cab you have, trade it in for a different one. If you do like the sound but it isn't loud enough, get another the same.
  4. might check the amp faq section about mixing driver sizes. that's a huge can of worms to open on talkbass! i have no experience with six strings, so i'll politely bow out now.....
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    OP, what brands are you using?
    Maybe it could be the amp or could be the setup on your bass, it could be other things like pickup placement, gauge of string your using.

    Let us know what you are using. Maybe we can identify if it really is your cab that's lacking low end.
  6. +115!

    A 15" guitar cab won't deliver the low end that a 8" subwoofer in a car trunk will.
    Different speakers have different responses, regardless of size.
  7. Needenaneden


    Feb 22, 2011
    I just started using a Hartke Ak410. I love the tone and was thinking of adding the Ak115 to my setup but I decided to just add another 410. I am going to get it order tomorrow. Sometimes simple is better.