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speaker crackling

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mw, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. mw


    Jul 24, 2000
    ok. i have an eden WT-500 going bridged (8ohm) into a 600W mesa readready 4x10 (8ohm).

    problem one: it doesn't seem as loud as my peavey databass (1x15 450W combo). with my 4 string gibson ripper, i'm having trouble getting lowend (especially pitch below low A) on the eden rig without the cab sounding a little 'flubby'. the databass sounds punchy and doesn't break up, but it is mostly midrange, no deep lows.

    the major problem is that the bottom right speaker is crackling. i did not notice this before, but the cab has gone unplayed for 7 or 8 months. the crackling only happens on the one speaker (or somewhere inside near the speaker). it is not present in the tweeter or the other three speakers. it goes silent when i am not playing.

    to the point: how can i tell if this is a broken speaker, or bad connection somewhere in the cab? could this one speaker have a role in creating problem one?

    I'm going on tour in a few weeks, so i want to get this sorted out before going.
  2. mw


    Jul 24, 2000
  3. Finger Blister

    Finger Blister

    Jul 8, 2003
    Toasted Voice Coil.

    Recone or Replace.

    Should be done in pairs, best if all speakers in the cab are done at the same time.

  4. saintx


    May 30, 2005
    Would you replace the tweeter at this point also?
  5. Not if the tweeter is ok.

    I'm sort of curious what the advantage is to replacing the 3 good speakers? I'd replace the bad one only. Not like you've been using it a lot, causing the problem through wear and tear so the other ones are "on their last legs too", its been sitting idle.

    Maybe you've got a nest of spiders in the one voice coil, no reason it should break just sitting there, or maybe the one speaker had a defect.

    Its not like replacing 1 tire on a car with a new one, leaving 3 nearly bald ones in place.

  6. Finger Blister

    Finger Blister

    Jul 8, 2003

    A blown speaker shows that the Cab has seen some hard work.

    This means that the other 'good' speakers' are tired, even
    though their not blown (yet).

    New/Reconed speakers are tight.

    It's kinda' like have strings that are a year old and
    breaking a 'D' string, replacing it and keeping
    the other old strings on.

    It'll work, but it's not top performance
    and there'll be a lack of balance.

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