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Speaker falling apart on (old) Gallien Krueger combo amp..help..arhg

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Morten, May 25, 2005.

  1. Morten


    May 25, 2005
    Hello folks,

    The edge of the speaker on my 15 – 20 years old GK combo (mb200) seems to be disintegrating…It started with about an inch of the soft material at the speaker edge falling off (the "suspension" part of the speaker, near where the screws fixing the speaker to the amp are)…I had a look at the bit that fell off, and the material felt like it was sort of, er, dissolving (maybe the result of too many cheesy bass lines…). Then I used it on a fairly quiet gig anyway, and now there’s about three inches of the edge missing..arhg…

    Does anyone knows if this can be fixed somehow (maybe by changing the edge of the speaker, and keeping the rest)..? (and, er, would anyone happen to know a place in London where they could fix this..?) – Or would it be better to get a new speaker?

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

    Morten :meh:
  2. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    It sounds like the rubber housing has deteriorated, which rubber can do over long periods of time. You will probably need to have the amp reconed with a new driver. I think any decent repair shop should be able to do this, but you might want to PM Daniel Elliot here or e-mail GK UK to find a GK repair center to do the work.

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