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  1. Ok, being somewhat new to the whole thing. I had an Ampeg BA 115 HP 210 Watts. Well something fried out and it doesn't work anymore. I'm looking at two different amps Bugera BXD12 1x12 1000 watt and a Peavy TKO 15 Tour series 400 watt. Both are pretty identical as far as what's on the amp. The Peavey has a 7 band EQ I'm not really familiar with Bugera. I really do like the sound on that. Okay my question is welcome have effects loops earphone jacks. But both of them have DIs to go to a board. Both of them have speaker out one quarter inch jacks. I imagine for a second monitor on the opposite side stage. My question is with that speaker out. I can't run a cabinet off of that right I have to have a power cab. Using that isn't like splitting a signal correct. See what I am thinking about is later on getting a 4x10 to add to my 15. I know what everybody's going to say just buy a head in a separate cabinet. But I don't have that kind of money right now and I need to get this done quickly. I have a chance of getting in the band. But I have to have amp. I tried out yesterday in the middle of my tryout my amp blew out.
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    The Peavey has a jack for a powered speaker out. I don't see that the Bugera has any allowance for an extension, powered or not.
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    Unless I'm totally missing the point of your post, I kind of think you'd do better posting this in Amps and Cabs, not Live Sound.
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  4. Since I'm trying to find out which will be better for playing live. in places that do not have a PA is why I posted it here. But I just realized I didn't state that.
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    ok, got it. good luck.
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  6. I didn't state it in the beginning I'm trying to figure out one will work best. In small to medium venues without a Pa. This is my first band endeavor. I've only been playing a short time. Our singer has a small mixing board for vocals. It has four inputs he says they use it for vocals and the kick only. I just tried out Saturday and my amp blew out. So, I need to get an amp asap because if I want the spot. I have to have an amp by Thursday because I have to let them know by then. 1st practice is Friday.
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    Ok, so anything that is 400w should be fine for most small clubs/venues.
    Yes, the TKO has a preamp out to send to console.
    As a replacement amp - until you can upgrade the Peavey should work!
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    so, if I understand correctly, the amp you used to audition died ... so you need a new amp to do a rehearsal on Friday. There are tons of choices and I would go used to better fit your budget (which sounds like its fairly limited). Maybe look at pawn shops if there are any in your city.

    Also, your original post said the bands PA mixer is only used for vocals and kick drum, so currently you have no option that includes using an amp DI into the mixer.

    sounds like you need an amp. The Bugera or the Peavey TKO you mentioned will probably work ok.
    here's the Waco, TX craigslist link showing bass amps from $50-2,000. Lots of decent stuff to consider in there for reasonable prices ... like: Ampeg SVT3pro, Acoustic 370 (!), Orange OB1-500, GK RB400, TC Electronics BH550, Peavey Tour 450. Lots to pick from for fairly reasonable $$.
    waco for sale "bass amp" - craigslist

    and again, try posting this in the Amps and Cabinets section and, who knows, there may be a fellow Waco-an who might step up and help you out.

    good luck!
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