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    Aug 10, 2000
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    ok, i may be aquiring a 215 cab, not saying brand because i dont want to get responses telling me to get a better cab. and the guy who i may be getting it from, said he thinks a 15 is blown in it. its a 4 ohm 215. so, i was thinking if i get it, i could switch out the 15 from my 115 cab and use it in place of the blown one, until i can get more money to buy better gear. now to my question. ive read somewhere that some 215 cabs have 2 4 ohm speakers wired somehow so it is 4 ohms, ive also read that they have 8 ohm speakers, wired to 4 ohms, and so on, and what i was wondering is, if it is the 4 ohm speakers, and i replace one with my 8 ohm 15 , how could i wire it so it wouldnt run at an odd ohm?, or is it unlikely that both 15's will be 4 ohm speakers? sorry if its confusing.
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    You can't wire two 4 Ohm speakers together and get 4 Ohm. You get either 8 Ohm (series) or 2 Ohm (parallel).
    Just check the speakers with a multimeter - most likely they're 8 Ohm speakers - and your idea should work.