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  1. I'm a talkbass nub, so if this post is out of place or anything, my apologies.

    My friend Steve has experience building cabinets, so I asked him to help me out. I need to provide the speakers, and now I'm wondering what a good setup would be. I have about $350 to spend on speakers. I've considered the following suggestions:

    four 10" speakers
    two 18" woofers and two 12" speakers
    four 10" speakers and a 15" woofer
    two 12" speakers ans two 15" inch speakers

    I currently use a GK800rb head, which can be bi-amped to provide 300W for low end and 100W for high-end bass. Could somebody please recommend a speaker setup to me? Thank you!
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    You might want to delete one of these threads. You have two fo the exact same ones.
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