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speakercab from 40hz

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by qts, May 15, 2006.

  1. qts


    May 15, 2006
    Hi guys,
    First off all Iwant to say that Im from holland, so my mothertongue is dutch, so excuse me if I make mistakes.
    I visit some dutch forums,but on this one I see, that most off you guys have knowledge about basscab design, so I want to ask you if you want to help me with that.
    Im a 4 string bassplayer,and build two or three cabs in a couple of years,but sinds the last twoyears I dicover winisd.
    I build a cab with the kappa15, without studyng winisd properly,so the result was bad.
    I ditn concider the things like powerdip,cone excurtion and group delay.
    From my experience till now, I want to go for the kappa15lf because of the reasonable powerdip which is around 200watt.
    My problem is,Idont know where to start.
    For example, do I have to tune the box at 40hz, and then see if the -3db is near 40hz?
    Im looking for power from 40hz till up.
    If you have time, can you help me with this?

    Greets qts.

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