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  1. Moebius7


    Sep 19, 2016

    So I've got two cabinets that I had built. Each cab has 4 Eminence BP102 speakers and 1 Eminence Alpha 6CMBRA mid range driver. I'm using a Eminence PXB1K6 high pass crossover in both cabs. Now when I play anything around an F to a G# I am getting a light behind my the edges of my speakers and you can also see it light up the front port as well. So I'm guessing that the light is a crossover limiter bulb, and that the frequency that is causing it to peak is somewhere between 1500 and 3000 hz. What's weird is that I use a compressor with a pretty quick attack, and my head is realistically only capable of pumping out about 465 watts max, so I'm not sure how I'm tripping the protection fuse bulb in the first place. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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    You're not really 'tripping' anything, it's supposed to light up. If it does not light up, it's not working.

    But also keep in mind that it's rated for 400 watts, and you're pumping 465 into it.
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    You are driving the high frequency band with more power than the power limiting circuit's threshold is set for.

    Normally, that crossover is driving a horn/compression driver and the sensitivity is about 107dB/1W/1M but in your case the driver is about 98dB/1W/1M which requires 8x the power to achieve the same volume.

    In this specific case, provided the crossover is capable of handling the added power, additional bulbs can be added (in parallel) to shift the threshold upward. You might check with Eminence to see what they suggest.
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    This is one of the disadvantages of using an off the shelf crossover in a custom design. Your particular cabinets might require a crossover specifically designed for them. As @agedhorse opines give Eminence a call.
  5. Moebius7


    Sep 19, 2016
    Yeah, I'm going to hit up Eminence today. When I was having the cabs designed, I thought I might have to order some custom crossovers for it.
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    These cabs seem very interesting. Any chance you could post some pics?
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    Sep 19, 2016