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  1. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    Soundgear for swap/sell, preferably east of the Mississippi due to shipping which is not included in prices.

    Aguilar GS 112 (new condition) $300

    QSC 1450 HD Power Amp (new condition) $300

    Ada MB 1 Tube/Solid state Midi controllable preamp $260
    (includes manual/complete schematics)

    15" SPEAKERS

    Klipsch K43 15" 4 ohm $150

    The Klipsch K43 was used in the industrial version of the LaScala; same speaker just no veneer and a black paintjob.

    Specs compliments of Dharmabass (thanks again).
    Fs=31hz; Qms=6.6; Qes=.26; Vas=10.41cu.ft.; x-max=.312"; Qts=.25; Re=3.2ohms Le=1.0mH; SPL=101dB/2.83V
    I have no Pmax but I doubt it's going to be higher than 150W in a sealed or ported box. This driver was designed for a horn.

    L-Acoustics 15" 8 ohm PA speaker (out of a DOSC -stadium venue - system) $150
    Contacted L-Acoustics to get specs and they wanted to know where I got these speakers. Turns out they're proprietary (not for sale) and only available in their systems through authorized distributors for contract lease around the world.

    Have a pair of the Klipsch and L'Acoustics of these.

    8 ohm Altec 421 8LF $110
    8 ohm Celestion G-15 $110 ($150 w/KMD cab if Charlotte, NC. pick-up)
    4 ohm Celestion BX $115

    For swap I'm interested in an Ampeg B 50r, Swr workingman 10, Nemesis NC-112P, maybe an Epifani 310 UL