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Speaking of Carvin...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Hackster, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. how are their A/E basses?

    I gots a fretless 4-string Godin Acoustibass, in the original P-shape, that I love. I really want a 5-string A/E, but the newer Godins, the A4's and A5's, just don't do it for me looks-wise (yeah, I know). I'm thinking maybe a five-string Carvin A/E fretless with cedar top. Any thoughts? (I'm looking at an assembly-line guitar-- the handmade esoterics aren't an option, price-wise). I know some folks don't like Carvin's mail-order-only deal, but they *will* let you return anything within 10 days, minus shipping, so...
  2. No personal experience, other than a brief playing at a music store, but try Norm Stockton's web site. He has a really nice fretless tone coming out of his on his videos, and there are some sound clips from his album that might give you an idea of how they sound. He has a page just talking about his AC50f (or 40, can't remember).

    yeah, and that's where I came up with my signature line too. Thanks Norm!

    I'll recommend his videos too.
  3. You can hear how an AC40F sounds at the Carvin website in the Jamroom - I've got an AC50 (fretted) and once Carvin and I got the bugs worked out of it, I love it dearly. Just has a wonderful tone and plays like buttah. One day I will own an AC50F, yes I will :)


    Nov 10, 2002
    Las Vegas
    I've had an AC-40F with a cedar top for over a year now and love it. I was visiting the Hollywood store looking for a fretless, and the salesman showed me this one. Besides the cedar top, it has a traditional headstock,gold hardware, a no inlay neck, it's the lightest bass I've ever picked up, very fast neck and Carvin's flawless workmanship. It has a piezo pickup and has a wonderful mwaaaah tone to it. But don't expect to hear it without an amp. Even though it's a thin hollow body, it's really no louder than a solid body without an amp. Buying it off the floor, I got a spectacular deal. Great bass an beautiful looks!

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