Speaking of StingRays ....

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  1. My daughter and her boyfriend go fishing a lot and yesterday her boyfriend caught a small StingRay of a type he hadn't seen before - California’s little Round Ray (Urobatis halleri). He was going to remove the hook and release it when it caught him on the wrist with the razor sharp tail and between the deep cut and the venom, he ended up in the hospital. He's OK now but Yikes!

    I prefer the StingRays from San Luis Obispo.
  2. Neat! :thumbsup:
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  3. Yeah ... pretty cool looking in that picture but this was not so neat!:eek:
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  4. But they always catch a lot of interesting things.

    This is the only thing I ever catch:
  5. DAAAAAAANG that looks like it hurts.
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  6. Yeah ... not so much the cut (though the cut was plenty deep too) but the venom travels up the arm and thru the whole body. He said it was like being run over by a truck after the venom spread
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  8. No good.
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    Ooooph, I can only imagine the pain, especially with he venom.

    Rays are interesting creatures... pure muscle.

    A few years ago, I was in the Florida panhandle and was doing some surf fishing. The water there was super-clear. I was up to my waist, just past the break... and noticed some sizable shadows under the water about 20 yards away, approaching at a medium speed. A little nervous about what was headed my way, I was relieved when I saw it was two big rays (each about three feet across). They just cruised by, but I got a dang good look.

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  10. Another reason I prefer fresh water fishing.... a lot less things in fresh water that want to kill you!
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    Not so fun fact: if you're buying cheap scallops, there's a good chance it's ray wing meat that's been cut out with cookie cutters.
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