SOLD Speakon Speaker Cable + Lava Clear Connect 1/4" Cable

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    Hello all, I'm selling two cables together for $25 shipped Priority Mail.

    -6 foot Mapco Horizon Commercial Series Speakon to Speakon speaker cable. This cable is in perfect working order.

    -15 foot Lava Clear Connect 1/4" to 1/4" TS instrument cable. This cable seems to be having a connection issue, it may need some solder repair work or a new jack. I say this because sometimes it's touchy if wiggled when plugged in. You're buying this with no guaranty, it's priced accordingly.

    Thanks guys!

    IMG_6658.JPG IMG_6659.JPG IMG_6660.JPG IMG_6661.JPG IMG_6663.JPG
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  2. Lowered to only $25 for both cables y'all.
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