Speakon speaker cable wiring question

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  1. My amp has a single speakon jack out and my cab has a single speakon cable in. I can't bi-amp my amp, so I guess it's running in mono. How should my speakon speaker cable be wired? I have it +1 to +1, +2 to +2, -1 to -1, and -2 to -2. Is this correct?
  2. That is gonna be the correct way to wire up. I can't think of anything other than connected or disconnected that you could be so I don't see a chance of causing problems regardless.
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    Aug 7, 2004
    What kind of amp is it? If it is a stereo poweramp, and you want to run it in bridged mono, then you need to wire +1 to +1 and +2 to -1. If it is a mono poweramp, it will be +1 to +1, -1 to -1. You only need two wired, in either case.
  4. It's a Behringer BX3000T so it's a 300w amp head. Is that a mono poweramp?
  5. For mono, I use +1 and -1 only