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    This bass is 26 years old but looks like brand new condition. The "o" designates a hand rubbed oil finish, kind of unusual. I think of it as somewhat of a transition bass between the NS-2A and NS-2 models. It does not have the crown inlays or the highly figured maple top of the NS-2 but in all other respects has the same quality build features that you would expect from a Spector bass.

    Figured Maple body wings
    Maple neck
    Pau Ferro fingerboard, 34" scale
    EMG P/J pickups
    Spector (Haz-Lab) 9v preamp
    Weight: approx. 9.4 lbs
    Original Spector case

    As you can see in the pictures, the bass is in superb condition. There are a few 3-4mm shallow belt buckle indentations on the back of the body but you have to look hard to find them. The case has a few cosmetic marks on the outside but is overall in VGC. The bass is set up with low action and really plays well. The few times I have gigged this bass, I found that rolling off the lows a little and boosting low mids brought out the HAZ Spector growl oh so well.

    Non smoking home.

    No issues with this bass, I play my Fender J primarily and need to free up the money in this bass for other projects.

    Terms: $1850 shipped to CONUS, Paypal preferred
    Not interested in trades, though I am in the market for a Mesa Walkabout and would consider a WA plus cash deal.

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    Awesome bass! Being one of the previous owners of this bass, i can say that this is one of the special ns2o's. Whomever gets this bass will be truly happy with it.
  3. Bass is on hold pending payment
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  4. Sold! Bass on its way to new home.