SOLD Spector 4EuroLX 2018 LTD

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    New Jersey
    36F92E7A-00F1-43AD-A51B-8A9B34BFD6A5.jpeg 3344AFCC-4CB1-4F62-BB28-3117517E14AB.jpeg 5231ED03-C833-4492-B6BA-67F6B634E868.jpeg 332BF24C-D614-4474-96E5-AB7F525D7DBF.jpeg E10F8D27-4612-430E-B888-E8D592CD0E7C.jpeg D6925CAC-AAD3-4D5B-B95F-A4D89850F13A.jpeg 2F3CB713-C1AA-4F8D-8C99-31693440F7E1.jpeg 28C26827-BC0A-4798-8C42-D85E9DEC468B.jpeg E5812D92-C03D-4247-88E5-1FBA8CC9381F.jpeg 5D9C8C86-0FD3-4D7D-B937-BE5F9345AA2C.jpeg FAE37FAB-811E-463C-B040-F38B3450EE22.jpeg I’m putting up for sale my Spector Euro LX limited edition. According to what I know from ads there were only 12 made for the USA. As you can tell this bass is a BEAUTY and not many Euro basses come with maple necks. And yes the paint job is that beautiful.

    The bass was set up and plays smooth. It came with the Aguilar OBP2 preamp. It now has an SNC pre, Which is basically the HAZ pre. I also have a Darkglass tone capsule which I am adding free, if you prefer that preamp. It has the the Aguilar noise canceling PJ pickups. According to research it retails for over $3K. And now the why I’m selling it, well it’s to fund another Spector which went up for sale. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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    Nov 16, 2006
    GLWTS!! That's an awesome looking bass.
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    That thing is beautiful! Trans black.
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