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Spector 5string NSCRFM; what do you think of them?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MaddVibe, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. MaddVibe

    MaddVibe Guest

    Aug 26, 2002
    I'm considering purchasing a Spector Czech 5 string. Does anyone have any idea what those basses sound like? Are they worth the money. Thanks.
  2. Sound is very difficult to describe. Brilliant, punch, dynamic, aggressive (if you want it to be). Virtually noise free which makes it a great recording bass (as well as live). Very professional quality bass. I own two NS-5CRFM's and an NS-4CRFM.

    Worth the money? A neck through bass of that caliber for well under $2000 (sale price). You betcha it's worth the money!

    I also recommend that you try one out and compare with some other basses in that price range. That is the best way for you to know if this is the bass for you.
  3. Yeah, Spectors are flaming piles of crap, especially those crummy Czechtors!




    NS5CRFM is currently my dream bass.

  4. Biggest lie ever... You speak of such high intelligence. :rolleyes:
  5. BassMan2000


    Sep 27, 2000
    It is obvious that you have such a vast knowledge of what a quality bass is or isn't. Perhaps you should e-mail Stuart Spector at info@spectorbass.com and inform Stuart that his basses are pieces of crap and then give him your suggestions on how he should correct his problems. It is great to know that there are such helpful people in the world such as yourself!:rolleyes:
  6. BassMan2000, I suggest you reread my entire post very carefully...

    For the record, I salivate at the very thought of a US NS5/XL, while I merely get heart palpatations at the thought of a NS5CRFM.

  7. :p

    Hey, since Spectors are so obviously NOT flaming piles of crap, I suspect that "Spectors are flaming piles of crap!" is most likely the biggest lie anyone has ever concieved of!


  8. To clarify why I made that silly post:

    I find it rather humorous that someone would come in and say that s/he is "considering purchasing" a Spector bass, while having no clue what they sound like. From this, we can quite safely presume s/he has never played one.

    Now, I could perfectly understand something like this:

    "I was poking around on the web and I found Spector's site - the look of their basses rather piqued my interest. Would anybody mind suggesting where I might go about hearing one, or if they're worth the money? Is it worth my time to go seek one out and try it?"

    To say you're considering purchasing one, while having no clue what they even SOUND like is absoutely silly, let alone what the feel like, IMHO.

    There are many threads on TB about Spector basses; in fact, there are quite a few in the first few page listings at this moment! I recall a thread listing albums featuring "The Spector Sound" that would be easily dredged up using the search function.

    I apologise if I seem brash, however I think the search function on this site is horrifically under-utilized.

    Perhaps it would be prudent to put a sticky at the top of the Basses forum stating that if anyone has ever made X type of bass (say, Spector), someone has probably talked about it here, and you can almost certainly find something about it in past threads, rather than start a new topic.

    To summarize - nobody can tell you whether a bass is worth purchasing. People buy Rondos every day - one would presume they're satisfied with their purchase, at least for a little while - that doesn't mean anyone else would be happy with the same purchase. I know I sure wouldn't be happy if I somehow became unconcious and bought a Rondo. You must hear and play a bass for yourself (preferably in a fully concious, un-inebriated state...) before you decide whether it's worth considering purchasing one. Tire kicking is fine, especially around here - we all love talking bass, hence the name... just present it as tire-kicking.

    Sorry for the rant.

  9. I just noticed that in MaddVibe's profile, he says he plays a Euro Spector.

    Uh... the NS5CRFM sounds like the NSCRFM, with an extra string. Pretty neat, huh?

    (OKAY, OKAY, yes, scale length difference, weight difference, but these are trivial matters :p)

  10. Nothing is listed in MaddVibe's profile regarding his gear, unless it was recently eraced from the profile.

    The way I look at it, if someone is asking an opinion about a specific bass or bass gear on Talk Bass, we should assume the sincerity of the question and give the best answer or advice we can. If a specific poster has a history of asking irrelevant questions then the best thing to to is ignore the question.
  11. Oh my, you're right - he did just erase it. Strange.

    Good point about a poster's history - I think that's fair. You'll notice, however, that all of MadVibe's posts are of a similar nature. The fact that he erased the gear information in his profile (said something to the effect of "Euro Spector and SWR Rig") after my last post is a bit strange, too.

  12. Metalfan


    Mar 9, 2011
    I have a Spector 5nscrfm bass for sale in Canada. Does Anyone live near Windsor, Ontario?
  13. Double Agent

    Double Agent Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2006
    Lakeland, FL
    Do some shoulder shrugs....they are HEAVY monsters.

    The NS5CRFM is probably still my favorite of all the basses I've ever owned. It is the reason I still have a Spector logo for my avatar, even though I haven't owned a Spector for over a year. The tone was absolutely SICK, more versatile IMO than the 4-string Spectors with the P/J setup, but still capable of kicking you right in the teeth.

    But, it was just too doggone heavy for me to gig with. I miss the tone, but I don't miss the aches and pains from having that anchor strapped on my shoulders for 4 hours on consecutive nights. If you are weight-sensitive at all, look elsewhere. But, if you think heavier = better (and many bassists still do), it might be the last bass you ever buy.

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