Spector bass question--Euro LX or Euro LT?

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    What is the difference between the Spector Euro LX basses and the Euro LT basses? (Other than about $50). I'm torn between the poplar burl LX and the tiger eye LT...

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    Jun 25, 2009
    From a previous post I made:

    - Euro LX: newer models have EMG, Bartolini, or Aguilar pickups depending on color/finish; older models have EMG pickups. These usually have the Tonepump preamp.

    - Euro LT: these have the Bartolini pickups and Darkglass preamp. Newer ones have EMG pickups, think some have Tonepump. The LT have chambered bodies to make them lighter than the LX (though you can find some LXs that are lighter).

    There are also older Euros (non-LX) which had EMG pickups and Tonepump pre, but I think some may have had other preamps (not 100% sure about this).

    - Rebops (bolt-on Euro) tend to be lighter than the Euros.

    - Rebops usually had the soapbar pickups though there was a short run of models with P/J configuration.

    - Rebops got a name change the last couple of years. Now called the Eurobolt and these are a P/J configuration with Aguilar pickups. Note that the pickup spacing is closer together than on the Euro due to deep insert neck pocket on bolt-on.

    There is also a short scale model bolt-on called the Bantam.

    Hope that helps. Main difference is weight and preamp between LX and LT.
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    Thank you- you are a gentleman and a scholar...

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