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  1. I am interested in buying a spector rebop 4-string, and i was wondering if anyone had information on how it played, tone...etc. Also i was curious if the rebop took a battery or not. Also, would anyone know where i could buy one in a solid black and not the stain finish?
  2. I have the original Spector Re-bop. It's a czech bolt on and is about three to four years old so it's not a "Re-bop" but it's the "re-bop parent" bass. It plays awesome. Yes, it does take a battery for the preamp. The thing I like most about Spectors are the range of tones... you can get growling low end or punchy mids for slap style.They are availible in a solid black just talk to your local dealer. Very versitile basses! I beleave the only diffence between my Czector and the ones you'd be looking at are the body wood (mine's maple) and the pre amp. (mine's EMG and I beleave they use Aguilar in the Re-Bops)Oh yea, and plus mine doesn't have a gay name like Re-bop :D he he...but who gives a **** about the name it's how that fukker plays! I hope this can help you out abit!
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    Nov 6, 2001
    I agree that "Re-Bop" is a terrible name for a bass.
    Is it endorsed by Hanson? Ummm bop baby!